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Document 1: These letter from President Jimmy Carter to President Anwar Sadat


Document 2:   letter from President Jimmy Carter to President Anwar Sadat


Document 3:  This President Sadat letter to President Carter recognized the international respect that was accorded to President Carter's success in negotiating the Panama Canal treaties. President Sadat also emphasized Israeli activities and negotiating positions that discouraged support of other Arab nations for the peace process.


Document 4:  On August 3, 1978, President Carter wrote private letters to President Sadat and Prime Minister Begin to be delivered by Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. The letters proposed a meeting of Carter, Sadat, and Begin at a time and location to be determined.


Document 5:  Ten days later President Carter sent this message to Prime Minister Begin and President Sadat to suggest an honorable and respectable closure to what then appeared to be a failed peace effort.


Document 6:  President Sadat's plan to visit Israel solicited this speech by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who had succeeded Prime Minister Rabin after a surprise election victory.


Document 7 : Letter From President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat to President Jimmy Carter, 26 March 1979, on Exchange of Ambassadors . (no Adobe's Acrobat )


Document 8 : dentical Letters from President Jimmy Carter to President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat and Prime Minister Menachem Begin on the American Commitments Towards the Two Parties 26 March 1979 .    (no Adobe's Acrobat )