Letter to President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, 26 March 1979


The White House


March 26, 1979


Dear Mr. President:

I wish to confirm to you that subject to the United States Constitutional Process:

In the event of an actual or threatened violation of the Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel, the United States will, on request of one or both Parties, consult with the Parties with respect thereto and will take such other action as it may deem appropriate and helpful to achieve compliance with the Treaty.

The United States will conduct aerial monitoring as requested by the Parties pursuant to Annex I of the Treaty.

The United States believes the Treaty provision for permanent stationing of the United States personnel in the designated limited force zone can and should be implemented by the United Nations Security Council. The United States will exert its utmost efforts to obtain the requisite action by the Security Council. If the Security Council fails to establish and maintain arrangements called for in the Treaty, the president will be prepared to take those steps necessary to ensure the establishment and maintenance of an acceptable alternative multinational force.



Jimmy Carter


His Excellency Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat,

President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.